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February 18, 2022

If you’re looking to build your dream home, renovate, extend or develop,
a building designer is a perfect option for your project.


It can often feel overwhelming for anyone who hasn’t built before. If you’re looking to build your dream home, there’s so much to consider before construction can start. I often get asked if an architect is essential to the design process and the differences between a Building Designer or a Draftsman. 

Here are a few differences between  
a building designer over an architect or drafter


Building designers are often more experienced/ qualified than a draftsman but less qualified than an architect. In some cases, a Building designer actually have a very similar education to an architect but has not been certified. Some building designers have more experience in the field, as you can begin designing and working in the industry after around two years of study. In contrast, an Architect must complete a minimum of 7 years before working as a registered Architect. Building designers can also be highly beneficial in the initial stages due to their insight into realistic budgets and working very closely with many builders. read why I chose not to get certified as an architect 


Reputation and connections are critical to the building industry. Architects and Building designers work exceptionally closely with builders, town planners, council, surveyors, quantity surveyors, engineers, and specialty consultants. Again, these connections give valuable insight into the overall design to ensure quality is met. Builders want to know that the floor plans and overall design of the home they’re building are clear, and Building Designers want to know that the builders are effectively replicating their plans. So, these relationships take time and results. As we mentioned above, Building designers have often worked in the industry for several years and therefore have developed strong relationships with reliable builders and have an excellent understanding of construction costs, which helps when meeting budgets. When you acquire the assistance of a Building designer, they will provide you with indispensable advice about the right builders for your project.


The most important question is finding ‘someone’ you feel comfortable with throughout your project and confident that they will deliver a quality project. Is your chosen home designer honest and transparent with the little things like their title?

My heart breaks to see clients deceived even before a project starts. There is a clear distinction between a Building Designer and Architect. It is illegal for building designers to represent themselves as an architect or be called architectural draftsmen without
(a) working under an architect or
(b) be registered as an Architect themselves.

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