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My approach to residential design isn’t only drawings, it’s expert and knowledgeable guidance to ensure you make the correct decisions, the first time around. I start with the right questions and observations, so you don’t cost yourself time, energy and (most importantly) money down the track. I’m in your corner from the beginning, liaising with your contractors and negotiating approvals on your behalf to ensure the best outcome possible. 

Your forever home holistically imagined, designed and approved. 

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Here for the dreamers and visionaries, Centred Building Design is your trusted partner in creating spaces that function, flow and feel right - a place to call home.


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A comprehensive pre-design solution that explores all options, considering the size and shape of your block, vision and budget. Set your project up for success right from the start with this foundational service.


setting the foundation 

The all-in-one solution that holds your hand through design, approval and even the build of your forever home so you have full confidence through what can be an overwhelming and stressful process.

Design & Approvals

all-in-one solution 


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